Plate pumper

Holden Temporaries, Inc Wilson is looking for a talented Plate pumper.

Job Duties:

  • Receives work assignments and schedules from Plates Lead.
  • Ensure the plates area is supplied with necessary tools, equipment, production orders, material, etc.
  • Demonstrates ability to operate all equipment in a safe and efficient manner that adheres to company training and safety procedures.
  • Evaluation of product on plates to ensure it meets or exceeds quality standards.
  • Assist with troubleshooting mechanical and operations issues and ensure plate table efficiencies.
  • Report faulty equipment, damages, and other safety hazards to supervisor/line lead.                
  • Housekeeping is a must. Rails, floors, tables, hoses, combo dumper, pump, piping, underneath plates.
  • Ability to lift repetitively and ability to lift 50+ lbs throughout your shift.
  • Physical Demands include:
  • 1. Normal duties of this job should not require lifting over 50 lbs. Lifting more than this amount will require additional person(s).
  • 2. Ability to walk on wet floors.
  • 3. Bending
  • 4. Grasping
  • 5. Standing
  • All plates shifts are 3/4 days on 12-hour shifts

Pay: DOE