Custodian 1

Holden Temporaries, Inc. New Bern is looking for experienced Custodians.

  • You will be required to perform routine, manual work cleaning and maintaining buildings.
  • Control building heating and air conditioning equipment.
  • Perform tasks in accordance with established practices and cleaning schedules.
  • Scrubs, dusts, sweeps, mops, vacuums, waxes and polishes floors in rooms, hallways and closets. Dust and arranges furniture.
  • Washes windows, woodwork, walls and other surfaces. Scrubs and cleans rest room fixtures.
  • Replenishes tissue, towels and soap in rest rooms, kitchens and classroom facilities.
  • Locks and unlocks doors.
  • Sorts and stores material for recycling program.
  • Reports to supervisor any damages or needed repairs.
  • Picks up paper and other trash in building or grounds.

Hours: Monday-Friday (hours are depending on location-Full Time)

Starting pay: $10.00